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Storage Equipment
Pallet rack
   Pallet Rack is the most widely used class of tray shelf cargo storage, general-purpose and relatively strong. Space utilization, access to flexible, simple equipment, low cost, quick installation and removal, combined with computer management or control, which can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics system, widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers and other areas, both for many varieties of small-volume items and large quantities of varieties suitable for small items storage.
pole :It is adopted high-quality steel coil to roll holistically, multi-fold surface, strong loading capacity.

beam:It is adopted high-quality steel coil to roll and weld , strong loading capacity.

design describe:
a=b=c=100mm    W=2W+300m
d=100mm   D1-D=200mm    H2≥100mm   H-H1≥300mm

wood board:

the beam can set wood board。

I-beams support bar

Additional support for the tray, to prevent the tray has excessive deflection


Forked pallet support frame:

Additional support for the pallet to prevent tray deflection is too large, increase the stability

t=1.5mm.  Size:60*40


It is used to high shelf at the bottom of the column to increase the shelf stability and load

connect beam:

Use to L≤300mm

connect beam:

It is used to connect between the shelves back to back, to enhance the overall stability of the shelf.

Block to prevent collisions:

Installed in the positive column, the column to protect against forklift collisions

 protection beam:

Protect the column, forklifts and other handling equipment to avoid the collision column

back steel grid:

It is the limit for cargo pallets to prevent goods scattered, and ensure safety.

Steel grid:

Increase cargo security, and meet fire safety requirements.


connections for the Column with frame.

Storage cage supporting  

For placing, positioning  
storage cage
, steel  
 box having legs 
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