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Storage Equipment
Side beam shelf
        Shelf do not need beam support, directly through the joist and column plug connecting, in addition to the top and bottom can not adjust the height, the other layers can be highly flexible adjustment of 50mm by each step, disassembly and reassembly  convenient. Rack made by high-quality cold-rolled sheet metal forming, by electrostatic spraying.

Main features

1.No bolts, loading and unloading easy
2.Shelf from the main frame and a pair of sub-frames used in combination to pay, according to the need to increase   the number of sub-frames to increase the storage space;
3.Each shelf can be adjusted up and down 50mm as each step. 
4.It is suitable for placing small lightweight objects with parts box, with the use of turnover box .
5.Each layer carrying about 100 ~ 250kg, cargo should evenly placed, calculated bearing concentrated loads to the         standard 1 / 2 is better, this can  ensure uniform distribution of load shelf and use of safety.

main/exteding frame(WxD)mm H(mm) oading capacity each layer(kg) layer
1200x500 1500、1800、2000 100~250 3~7
1200x600 1500、1800、2000 100~250 3~7
1200x700 1500、1800、2000 100~200 3~7
1200x800 1500、1800、2000、2400、3000 100~200 3~7
1500x500 1500、1800、2000、2400、3000 100~250 3~10
1500x700 1500、1800、2000、2400、3000 100~250 3~10
1500x800 1500、1800、2000、2400、3000 100~180 3~10
1800x500 1500、1800、2000、2400、3000 100~180 3~10
1800x600 1500、1800、2000、2400、3000 100~200 3~10
1800x700 1500、1800、2000、2400、3000 100~200 3~10
1800x800 1500、1800、2000、2400、3000 100~180 3~10