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Storage Equipment
drawer rack
        ombination of assembly, bolted racking structure, typically used to store heavy objects such as mold, and on-site forklift available nor appropriate occasions. Shelf height is generally lower than 2.5m, in addition to top-level others can be design and produced as drawer structure, safe and reliable, easily draw out of 1000kg / layer within the weight, complemented by bridge crane  or hanging gourd to take, easy access to operating the mold .

Main features

1.Simple structure, assembled from a variety of combination of parts, easy to disassemble,
   transport and assembly
2.Super load bearing track, sliding smooth, pull out and push in is unhindered.
3.if Increase the support front column, it will be more stable; hanging mode devices can be attached to separate.
4.Additional safety and positioning device, the use is safe and reliable
5.It is suitable for machining molds and block storage, drawer slides, bearing good, you can draw out 60% or 100%       as selecting of design.

Schematic picture

Light Double-columnstructure


Three column structure