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Storage Equipment
Flow Rack
     Flow rack be consist by the column and slip layer, there is a certain inclination of the slip layer, the goods put in standard turnover boxes, cardboard boxes for storage. When input goods, the turnover box slide into the rack through the slip layer, after the front  cargo are take away, the empty box will be removed, the behind turnover box automatically slip the to pick up point of the rack, it is the best First in First Out (FIFO ) store mode. 
Schematic picture

Specially designed hanging piece locking device, is easy to install, safe and reliable.
  Beams fixed with the pin,   easy installation, safe and   reliable
 The flow bar fixed by plastic  fasteners, easy to install, can  be changed pitch freely.
 Middle of the frame is set up  to strengthen support for high  load-bearing applications and  large span status.

 Full-width plastic labels seat,  beautiful and convenient.  high-strength Flow bar,  bearing capacity, easy to  install.
 Fluent in high strength,  large  bearing capacity,  easy to  install
 Angle adjustable picking  platform to facilitate the  selection of goods.
  Specially designed work table   to facilitate cargo selection,       installation and operation.