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Storage Equipment
Electric Mobile Rack
     Two rows of rack into a set of back to back mounted on a mobile chassis, it can be arranged in multiple groups, each with a number of rollers under the chassis, each chassis has a number of drive motor by pressing the control button, the motor through the chain of transmission drive  the entire chassis and on the racks of goods,  along two or more tracks on the ground to move (Or magnetic guidance - no rail), which can enter the truck moved to the open site to access the cargo operations.

The main features
1.Space utilization is generally about double of the fixed shelf, up to 80%

2.Simple for operation, safe and reliable
3.It can be controlled by computer, achieve fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual functions.
4.without power also can be moved.
5.Direct access to each item, without limitation FIFO
6.Can be used for cold storage, explosion and other special occasions
Schematic picture

Compared with the advantages of fixed rack