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Storage Equipment
Shuttle rack
     The shuttle-style rack system be insist by shuttle rack, the shuttle car and forklift, it is a complete high-density storage systems, storage of this highly efficient way to improve utilization of warehouse space to bring new choices.


1.With other high-density storage compared with each pallet cargo at a lower cost;

2.Bulk of the first in first out(FIFO), latest in first out (LIFO) operation is possibilities;
3.Less damage to the goods;
4.It can store more than block stacking of goods varieties;

5.Planning flexibility, shuttle car can be set to handle a variety of sizes and types of goods, and also have the different     roadway and in different layers to store different types of cargo capacity.

Working principle

In stock:When in stock goods by the forklift on the front of the rack rail tunnel, the shuttle through the radio remote control car that can carry pallets of goods in rail operation;

Pick up:When the shuttle car to pick up the pallet depths of the rack moving to the front of the rack, using a forklift to remove the pallets with goods from the rack.

Huttle car:

By fork lift car, the goods can be placed in a different laneway, several laneway can share one shuttle car. The number of shuttle car from the tunnel depth, of the quantity, shipment volume, shipment frequency integrated factors.

Channels at both ends left on the rack, using of shuttle vehicles, deposited operation in or out at both ends of the respectively,

  Channel left on the shelf at one end, the use of shuttle     vehicles, after the goods are placed with the operation 

  of removing